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HOSHI S92 R 1:16 2.4G Remote Control Three-Wheeled Motorcycle

HOSHI S92 R 1:16 2.4G Remote Control Three-Wheeled Motorcycle

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Upgrade carbon brush motor Achieves high-speeds, instant acceleration, deceleration and braking, taking you on a high-speed journey, 

2. The rear wheel of the rear differential is similar to a real car differential, using tempered gear material for stronger power, so it can quickly and smoothly enter corners every time.

3. The LED high beam lights are unobstructed at night.. 

4. Variable speed 2.4G remote control, just press the accelerator to control from low speed to high speed, just like the accelerator pedal of a real car.

5. Front and rear independent  Spring shock absorbers,, providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning capabilities.

6. The digital steering gear and proportional steering system can accurately control the steering and better avoid obstacles.

7. Anti-wear tires with soft tread, stronger wear resistance, and unique tire patterns, suitable for various road conditions.

8. Simulated driver, a simulated driver who shakes his head while driving.

9. Equipped with tempered nylon anti-collision strip at the front, not afraid of collision.

10. Tilt training wheel, equipped with anti roll, beginners can freely control.

LIST OF ACCESSORIES (Free roadblocks):

Motorcycle, doll, USB charging cable, screwdriver, English manual, road Barrier bag, spray bottle


Remote Control 

Control panel, steering wheel, throttle
1. Steering angle adjustment
2. Steering fine adjustment
3. Sound switch
4. Spray switch
5. Indicator light
6. Power switch battery holder