Collection: Mould King Building Block Sets

The joy of assembling MOULD KING Building Block Kits lies in the precision of the building process. Each component is crafted with precision, allowing for a seamless and satisfying construction experience. The interlocking pieces fit together snugly, providing a sense of accomplishment with each successful connection. The kits often feature advanced building techniques, enabling builders to enhance their skills while creating impressive, intricate structures.

MOULD KING kits often feature motorized components for added functionality. The sets typically included the following types of motorizations: 

Power Functions Motor:

Sets often use power functions motors to provide movement and functionality to certain parts of the models. These motors can be used for various purposes, such as driving wheels in vehicles, moving mechanical arms, or rotating specific components.

Remote Control:

Some sets come with remote control systems that allow users to wirelessly operate and control the motorized functions of the models. These remote controls usually provide a convenient way to maneuver vehicles or activate other motorized features within the set.

App Control:

In more advanced sets, the kits incorporate app-controlled features. Users can connect their mobile devices to the model through Bluetooth, allowing for a more interactive and customizable experience. This may include features like programmable movements, additional sound effects, or other smart functionalities.

Lighting Systems:

Some kits include LED lights to enhance the visual appeal of the models. These lights may be integrated into specific components or areas of the set, providing illumination and adding realism to the overall design.

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